World Oceans Day

One of the reasons that certain people (Sharktrooth included) are so passionate about saving sharks and conserving the oceans is that we need the oceans more than the oceans need us. The oceans are amazing. Not only are they the life-support system for the planet, but if we don’t take proper care of them, they will simply re-generate themselves after we are dead and gone…

Sharks are essential to keep the oceans healthy. As Apex Predators, they occupy an extremely important part of the food chain – perhaps the most important of all after the phytoplankton and zooplankton, upon which everything else is based.

If you’re moved to celebrate World Oceans Day – please do more than share a few nice images on socail media – please take action and do something positive.

  • If you live near a coast, find out if they have a regular beach clean-up day. If not – START ONE of your own!
  • If you’re planning a holiday – look at ecoventures or nature-breaks and learn more about your home planet.
  • If you’d like to give some money to people who are out there doing this hard work on our behalf – take a look at some of the charities on Sharktrooth’s Friends Page.
  • Above all else – spread the word and educate those around you – especially the kids. We need them to care about our oceans because with each generation, that need is becoming more desperate.

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