Surprise Shark In Norway

During Halibut fishing in Norway, Max de Vreeze had a bite but lost the fish after a short battle. The underwater camera did however catch the attacker on film, and to his huge surprise it was no Halibut that got hooked…

The film revealed a shark, rarely caught in Norwegian waters. The Porbeagle (a smaller cousin of the Great White) is a shark that typically reaches 2,5 m (8.2 ft) in length and a weight of 135 kg (298 lb). How big the shark on the film is, is hard to tell, but it is well over 1 meter in length for sure! Only one shark has ever been recorded caught on rod and line in these waters before, so it is extremely rare!

The porbeagle (Lamna nasus) is a species of mackerel shark in the family Lamnidae, distributed widely in the cold and temperate marine waters of the North Atlantic and Southern Hemisphere

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  1. Check out my new blog post on sharks! Love your blog!


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