Shark V Lion


Sharktrooth is interested in how people perceive sharks and just how deserved their terrible reputation is.

Is it really true that popular opinion is based on how ‘fluffy’ something is?

If someone took a walk across sub-Saharan Africa and they saw a lion – would you expect them to demand all lions in the area be shot – just so that they could take a walk? That is exactly what happens with sharks. Lions kill hundreds of people every year yet people love them. Sharks kill less than 20 and we hate them.

Look below, for example. This is another video from the mass media about a ‘terrifying ordeal’ of a man who was ‘harassed’ by two great white sharks in Port Lincoln, South Australia. The fact remains that he was in the ocean, where sharks live and hunt for food and two took an interest in him. The fact that he ‘fled to the safety of his shark-cage’ tells me that he knows he is in their environment when he goes in the water. Now they are calling for a shark cull in the area.

With what happend to the dentist who killed Cecil the lion, it seems especially unfair that we should protect one animal and hunt another. All animals are precious and should be protected. If its true that people love and protect lions because they are fluffy, then Sharktrooth needs the name of Donald Trump’s wigmaker as we attempt the most ambitious makeover ever!

“Like my wet-look style?”

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