Sharks Vs Dinosaurs

Sharks have been swimming in the oceans for almost 450 million years now. During that time, sharks have evolved into the perfect predators. Life began on earth about 3.8 billion years ago. The very first fish appeared around 510 million years ago. The first sharks, as we know them, showed up around 450 million years ago. skeleton-20746_1280 When people think of ancient life-forms – most of us tend to think of dinosaurs, but dinosaurs didn’t appear until about 230 million years ago – long, long after sharks had been on the scene. It was around this time that mammals first appeared too. The first human-like animal dates to about 4.5 million years ago, but modern humans only date back around 60,000 years. This means sharks have been around roughly 100 times longer than humans! This is pretty incredible when you think about it. dinosaur-687762_1280 Because sharks have been a part of our planet for so long, they are very important animals. They have formed part of the balance in nature that has evolved for millions and millions of years. Until us humans came along. Now finning, fishing, hunting, pollution and many other man-made problems are killing sharks at an incredible rate and upsetting the balance that has taken so long to put in place. Part of the reason this is happening is that not enough people are standing up for sharks and what is happening to them. Not enough people realise what truly amazing creatures sharks actually are and what they do for the oceans. This blog aims to encourage people to care about these mis-understood animals, before it’s too late and we lose the ocean’s most exciting inhabitants forever. tumblr_m8q390ITTA1rn0i42o1_500


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